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Avian Technologies patent pending technology is based on behavioral science to control Canada Geese. Our solution is fully automated and provides control 24 hours per day with little human intervention. Avian Technologies can demonstrate control of resident Canadian Geese populations within days of initial deployment.

The population of Canada Geese has increased dramatically and is now over 7 million strong. Canadian Geese are more than a nuisance; in many cases they cost business owners and property managers hundreds of millions per year in lost opportunities and control programs. Existing Canada Geese control techniques only use harassment techniques such as dogs, scarecrows, lasers, noise canons, chemical fogging all of which are in-effective.


Avian Technologies, founded in 2009, is a Toronto based provider of Canada Goose control solutions and technology. Avian’s methods are different from harassment based solutions and focuses on behavior modification using several elements including highly efficient and proprietary methods of deployment of bird repellents approved for use across North America, the UK and EU to control the location of Canada Goose populations in golf courses, public parks, business campuses, cottages and lakeside properties.*

Existing harassment techniques are in-effective since the birds requirement to survive trumps any level of harassment resources deployed against them.. Furthermore, the Migratory Bird Act of 1987 makes it illegal to harm or kill Canada Geese – if caught, each incident can cost between $5000 and $10,000.

Avian Technologies uses automated dispensing machines with feedstocks preferred by geese over naturally occurring vegetation. The company uses a formulation of Methyl Anthranilate approved for use by both the EPA and the PMRA combined with feedstock to reliably control the location of Canada Geese on a given property. Our solution is automated and results are achieved within days of deployment – results are effective and dramatically so.

Avian licenses its technology to leading pest control companies, property management firms, golf course companies and regional municipalities. If you are interested in learning more about distribution opportunities, please contact us.

*Residential use in-elligble in Canada.


Canada Geese make public use of turf unpleasant. Geese eat up to 3lbs of grass per day and may expel up to two pounds of fecal matter which foul properties. Canada Geese are known to be aggressive to humans, particularly when protecting their nests and young.

Avian Technologies solution provides reliable 24 hour control of Canada Geese populations using effective behavioral control in a process and with equipment which is patent pending.


The automated repellant machine is setup in an effected area. This feedstock is automatically dispersed and treated when needed. Methyl Anthranilate, the active ingredient in the formulation used is also used as a human food additive but when ingested by Canada Geese produces a temporary and very distinct negative response in the birds. This sends a very clear message to the birds that the area so protected is not an appropriate place for grazing.


The feeding stations are placed where the presence of Canada geese can be tolerated by the customer. This area can be quite small and the geese are effectively constrained and restrained to this space.


Avian works with its resellers and partners to teach them the optimal way to deploy the Avian solution and how to fine tune the approach to quickly deliver results. Our automated feeders are available in a variety of sizes designed to meet the needs of different levels of infestation.

The Avian solution is humane, it complies with all EPA and PMRA requirements and conforms to the guidelines of PETA - the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Our solution provides unprecedented control for Canada Geese populations. To find out more about Avian Technologies, contact us.

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We have also been featured in the Hamilton Golf Magazine!

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Royal Woodbine Golf Club, a championship 18-hole golf course in Toronto, Ontario is known as one of the nicest courses in the city’s metropolitan area. Since its inception, Royal Woodbine has been home to over 250 Canada Geese that challenge golfers and grounds crews alike. Within a week of deploying the Avian Technologies solution all geese were contained and constrained. Robert Schmidt, General Manager at Royal Woodbine Golf Club says “ Geese no longer roam our course freely – the solution just works incredibly well. We endorse Avian’s methodology and without hesitation recommend their service to any operator looking to manage their Canada Geese Population.”




The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is Canada's oldest and largest yacht club located on three idyllic islands in Toronto Harbour. The grounds are well maintained and what makes these grounds attractive to people also attracts significant numbers of Canada Geese. Our methods have earned the endorsement of the ROYAL-CANADIAN-YACHT-CLUB because they are effective at keeping the goose populations constrained to areas away from Members and Guests of the club.




Avian Technologies is a technology development company focused on behavioral modification and humane treatment of bird populations. The company brings its solutions to market by working with National, Regional, Municipally organized pest control and grounds management companies to deliver our solutions to market.

If you are interested in learning more about Avian Technologies partnership opportunities or if you would like to be put in touch with a local reseller, please contact us.


To speak with an Avian Technologies representative, who would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our company, products and services, please contact us by any of the methods below:

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